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Customer Service


Customer-specific product pricing is determined by our Sales Department which takes into consideration order history and volume.


Net 30 days for accounts with approved 'Open Account Status'.


Local Indianapolis area deliveries are made with a minimum order of $25.00. There is no delivery charge when delivery is done by a Community Clean truck on its scheduled delivery route.

Skyrocketing oil prices have forced us to update our fuel surcharge on all invoices for products delivered on Community Clean trucks, effective immediately. This surcharge is based on the cost of one gallon of diesel fuel as posted at the Speedway station in Franklin, IN and will move up or down in $0.25 increments to reflect diesel price changes. We will revisit this surcharge when and if local average diesel prices return to $2.00 per gallon or less. This action allows Community Clean, LLC to continue to provide you with prompt delivery service of quality products at the most competitive market prices.


Special orders are non-returnable and may require full case quantities.


Order information may be obtained by logging into your account. You will find information pertaining to all of your orders as well as having the ability to change your password, address book, email address, etc.

Alternatively, you may call our office at (317) 346-7766 during normal business hours for information regarding your order.

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