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Community Clean, LLC does business with many institutions, companies and individuals in the Indianapolis, Indiana metropolitan area including, but not limited to, communities in the surrounding counties of Marion, Hamilton, Johnson, Hancock, Shelby, Morgan, Hendricks and Boone.

Product Discounts
Community Clean clients receive discounted pricing on products and services we provide. Product pricing is influenced by the client's projected product needs and volume, which is then contracted with Community Clean. Our website does not currently display prices for that reason. In the future, we plan to display pricing specific to each customer. In the meantime, clients interested in a product they have not ordered before can call or email our office for pricing information.

Delivery to Your Door
When an order is placed, the client will be contacted regarding the details of their order and scheduling of delivery.

Special Sales
From time-to-time, we will run specials on certain products or close-outs. Community Clean clients receive advanced notices by email or mail regarding our specials.

We Will Save You Money
We believe if you do a cost comparison between what you are currently paying your supplier for your janitorial supplies and our discounted pricing, you'll agree that Community Clean will save you money. To learn how much you can save, we encourage you to use our Cost Calculators or call us at (317) 346-7766 and tell us what types of products you are interested in and what volume you use per year. We'll be happy to discuss and show you your savings.

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