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Andersen Mats

Commercial, Industrial, Foodservice Mats & Logo Mats

The right mat for every jobCommunity Clean, LLC is your local dealer for Andersen mats where quality is not compromised to meet a price point, but where solutions to your maintenance and decor Andersen Matsproblems come first. All Andersen mats carry a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for the life of the product.

We feature several lines of Andersen mats, but have access to their full range of product solutions. So no matter what your need, there is a product that will serve you well.

All Andersen Mats are custom orders and most will ship in 4 to 5 work days. Due to the vast array of choices, it is not possible to offer simple online ordering. However please call us at (317) 346-7766 or use our contact form and give us details of your needs. We’ll be happy to research solutions for you and get back to you with our recommendations.

Scraper Entrance MatScraper Entrance Mats

Your first line of defense.

Scraper mats are designed to stop mud and large particles of dirt from being tracked inside buildings. These mats provide aggressive scraping action and trap dirt and debris in recessed areas until the mats are cleaned. Scraper mats can be used outside or inside and should be used in conjunction with a Scraper/Wiper mat and a Wiper mat.

Scraper/Wiper MatScraper/Wiper Entrance Mats

The Second Step to Keeping Dirt Outside

Wiper/Scraper mats are designed to provide scraping action and wiping to further stop dirt and moisture from entering a facility. These mats are typically made of tough fabrics. They channel and retain dirt in recessed grooves while absorbing moisture in the fabric face. These mats are primarily used inside but may be used outside as well.

Wiper Entrance matWiper Entrance Mats

The Third Weapon Against Dirt and Moisture

Wiper entrance mats are designed to stop any remaining dust and moisture left after using the Scraper mat and Scraper/Wiper mat. These mats are made with carpet facing to complement most interiors. Made for indoor use and when used in conjunction with a Scraper mat and Scraper/Wiper mat, they can stop as much as 70% to 80% of dirt and grime from being tracked in.

Logo MatLogo Mats

Promote a Positive image

Custom designed logo mats are a unique way to promote a company’s image. Logos or other designs can be replicated on the face of numerous styles of mats, most without any setup charges. Logo mats add a professional look, while acting as a further barrier to keep contaminants from entering a facility.

Anti-fatigue MatAnti-Fatigue Mats

Enhance comfort & increase productivity.

Anti-fatigue mats are available in a wide range of sizes, weights, and materials. It has been proven that the proper use of anti-fatigue mats can enhance worker productivity by over 20%. These mats are designed for use wherever workers spend time standing.

Comfort Flow Modular TileSlip Resistant Safety Mats

Protect from slips and trips.

Slip resistant and safety mats provide safe working areas for employees and visitors to facilities. Considering that 85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors, the utilization of slip resistant mats is an ideal solution to prevent such accidents from occurring.

Flow Through MatFlow Through Mats/Tile

Wet area solution.

Flow through mats allow liquid to pass through them to eliminate slip hazards. Anti-fatigue properties provide comfort when standing for long periods of time. The thick rubber helps alleviate stress on the legs, feet and lower back.

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