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Cost Calculators

The Conversion Calculators Section has been created to assist our customers in arriving at REAL COSTS when comparing items of varying case packs or product sizes. For example, the CANLINER calculator allows you to convert mils to microns and microns to mils, determine NET case weights, or create the proper bag size to fit a particular container.

The PAPER TOWEL and BATH TISSUE calculators compute a case equivalency when case packs and/or unit sizes differ.

Similarly, the FOAM HAND SOAP calculator creates a cost per handwash comparison that measures one brand against a wide variety of competitive brands, regardless of case content or amount of soap dispensed per hit.

Lastly, the CHEMICAL calculator will produce an end-use cost that is determined either by dilution ratio, if applicable, or by ounce per gallon.

"What is your real case cost?" These tools cut through today's packaging variations, performance claims, and get you closer to an old fashioned apple-vs-apple comparison.

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